Keeping Fit with Healthifyme App

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How are you guys doing? We have been keeping super busy, with so many shoots and stuffs, and hence such a delay in the blog post. But we are back with bang!!

Everyone has their own path to find, their road to follow, their mountains to climb. Just find out your own and justify it, with the best you can.


“Everyone who knows me, from a little longer ago, would relate to the fitness freak I am, but very few people know that there was a time I weighed around a whooping 90 kg, and back then I had no one to guide me to get back into shape. I never took any proteins or Steroids and I am a vegetarian, so things were mostly dicey, but I was dedicated from the very start. I never lost hope.

I surfed the internet for so many ways to exercise, so as to have a fit body. I don’t even remember the count of complete circuits that I have done during a given day, to achieve these results in a given time frame. I switched so many diet plans, in order to gain whatever was required and at the same time not to compromise on the nutritional requirements of my body. Trust me guys, it was indeed a tough call, but obviously it was worth it! After 5-6 months of rigorous exercises at the gym and a perfectly curated diet, I was able to do it. Yes, I had my 6-Pack Abs to flaunt around. I had finally achieved the dream body that I always wanted.  ” – Rahul


This story is from around 2 years ago. Stalking through the internet one day, I caught attention of this app, HealthifyMe! This app helps me stay motivated now. A customized diet plan, and exercise chart, and everything else that is required to be fit. A personalized call with the trainer and the diet expert every fortnight or a chat whenever you want. What else is needed to keep you going strong towards your goal? Timely motivations to keep you on track. Yes this app has even those. You can change the settings in the app, to notify you as and when required.

Making sure I’m on the right path. ⠀
Making sure that it’s not a stand still but progress.

Making sure that those people that said I wouldn’t be nothing, are watching me progress towards a better and fitter life.

HealthifyMe Logos black

The App has two versions, a free one and a paid one. In the free version, you can feed in all your data, get a calculative count of your calorie intake for a given day, track your weight and exercises, and see the number of calories that you have burned for a given day.
In the paid version, the diet trainer and the fitness/exercise coach keeps a tab on your tracking and keeps suggesting the necessary changes required.

Now, I don’t even go to the gym or have any kinds of suppliments. Just a 25-min cycle of excersise and a balanced diet is what is enough to keep you in shape. ⠀


Ten-Second Treat from #Street Stalker Blog

What Is It (basically)?

HealthifyMe is an Indian digital Weight loss platform that provides fitness services.

Who Is It For?

If you are living on this earth, and are able to read this post, then this is for you. (Basically, all, irrespective of genders, age and social strata), Provided you have a smart phone to access this device

Why Should You Go For It?

If you are a person, who is super careful about their fitness and physique, this is just the thing you will ever need. (Of course, you can thank us later.)

What Did We Like the most?

It is Super easy to use.

What Could Be Better?

It is a little expensive for a new person to feel encouraged to buy a plan. But all the worth, once someone has tried it.

Anything Else?

Just go and buy this one asap, especially if you are concerned about your increasing bulges out their.😛


It is available on App Store for iPhone and Play Store for Android.

Head here to check them asap.


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