The Little Black Dress & White Sneakers

“You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.”

— Christian Dior

Hi Guys!!! Hoping you all are chilling out there.

I have been super excited for this post on the blog as its the first one from me. 😀 YAY!

So here is our blog post for women fashion! So we thought of starting this blog with one Little Black Dress for all the obvious reasons. I don’t think I need say anymore.

So little black dress is the most versatile dress ever. You wear sneakers and you are good to with a perfect day out. You wear pumps with it, and a perfect evening is just sorted right.

So every girl needs a little black dress. Right? That’s what I’ve heard for years, but I never had one myself until now, then strolling through the streets of Delhi, once i moved for Job, i found this shop Incense in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. Stripes and the LBD. I couldn’t help myself buying it.

Sharing Few pictures from the shoot i did :





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House Party & Home Fooood

Hey Guyyysss!!!

Last Friday, when weekend was just a few hours away, we thought of  inviting few of our guests at home for a House Party minus the booze. Yeah so I am not a drinking person, (We are all non-drinkers) and but more of a Kadhai Panner (read butter chicken, as I am a vegan) and butter naan, so to me house parties mean food, and more Food, and a little more FOOD. Even if that means holding my stomach in pain in the end, at times so much so, it makes me literally cry for over eating. LOL.

Okay, so all of us, love a good house party, but throwing one isn’t necessarily easy. It is the most dreaded task ever! EVER! I honestly love a good house party and trust me when i say its a tough job to pull it all together till the end, especially the last minute sorts.

Why I prefer House Parties over going out in restaurants is these 5 reasons :

  • Cheap. Who does not like the extra money be saved? We all are broke at some points, and these come to our rescue in the weekend party mood!
  • Friendly. House Parties are more about having close-knitted people to chill with and not strangers to trouble you.
  • Relax. You don’t need to dress up and go out, pajamas are perfectly fine. But yes, you can dress up for sure 🙂
  • Eat beyond control. Yes This is the best part about the house party. You can eat as much as you want to, without wondering about the steep high bill to pay at a later stage.
  • Be comfortable. No rude or unwanted glares, relaxed minds, good food, awesome people, chilling and Netflix, what else is needed?

Here are few pictures, of the house party.
We used the bar on second floor in my house, and used my dad’s favorite all white crockery.

Let us know in the comments below, if your mouth is watering already 😛



The most tastiest and my all time favourite


And no meal is complete without an enough dose of ice-cream. So here is ours 😛



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