Suited up!

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

– Yves Saint Laurent

Hey Guys, How have you all been doing?

Its been quite a while that I shared any of my new experiments in styling with you.

So lately i went to shoot in two of my favorite suiting from Cantabil and Wills Lifestyle. I wore them in two different styles as follows.

First :

Black suit : Cantabil
White shirt :Van Heusen
Watch : Fossil
Shoes : Gas





Second :

Royal Blue suit : Wills Lifestyle
Pink shirt : John Players




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Much Love.
Until next time, keep stalking! 🙂


Sizzling the Summer

Hola guys!

How have all of you been doing?

I hope you all are doing great and already started your summer shopping! I am not much of a wintry love person, unlike her, and I love dressing up in summers in nice breezy colors and be the color splash bomb 😛 I can’t wait to get out for shopping and have chilled juices and enjoy.  So summer is already scorching high here in Delhi, and surviving without the AC is a huge task, rather an impossible one.

I have always been a crazy bike fan. And have owned a Black Pulsar 220 long back, then I bought myself white colored Karizma R. Lately i have been driving this Red R15. Bikes are to men, what makeup or shopping is to women. So you can absolutely relate to my love for these, and hence i thought of doing a shoot with one of my bikes.

Here are the pics, guys from the shoot i did, and i am super excited to show them to you.

I am wearing a bright orange colored gym vest from Spykar,

Jeans from Jack n Jones &

Shoes from Puma.

Before i forget, these pictures were taken by a dear friend Neil. Do check out his work on Facebook here and Instagram here.







Do let us know, how u liked these pictures and if you want me do another bike blog.

Much Love.
Until next time, keep stalking! 🙂

Keep a Watch for success!

A watch is something that I just can’t be without! Ever since I owned my first ever watch to sit for my board exams back in school or the subsequent ones I bought for more such exams in the university, I have been always a person who keeps a watch! Haha!

I always had this notion, rather i still stand by it that watches ultimately make your look more enhanced and groomed. Any man would look expressive and sexier if he adorns a priceless piece.

If you are anything like me, and love having a good watch game, but that ain’t always easy when you are on a budget. So here is how I managed to get myself these two watches to get a well groomed persona without really being kicked out of my house.

white_1One thing to keep in mind before buying a watch is that you should always, go for an original style instead of trying to copy someone else. You will be amazed by how clean they look without spending much money.

Also, look online for deals. After all who does not like extra saved money. You can find incredible watches with just a little searching. Many times watches that you see in malls or stores might be available online for cheaper price. Do a little researching before making the purchase.

So with that said, here are 2 of my all time favorite watches that won’t cost your monthly rent, but will keep you looking like a classy Gentleman!


On the left is a watch from the Casio Edifice collection and the one on the right is from Fossil.

IMG_20170422_135117_803Fossil is known for their super cool accessories and watches are one of them. So I always wanted something that would be chic yet classy, and when I came across this Fossil watch, I just couldn’t resist buying it. I like things with real minimalist yet detaining, as it adds a lot of character to this modern world creation. The dial makes me swoon! I think it enhances my itsy-bitsy wrist and compliments my completion.

The best thing about this watch is, it looks great on the everyday casual look as well.

There are so many ways to wear this beautifully crafted accessory and I’m going to show you few ways to do it and here you go, but don’t forget to tell me in the comments  below on how would you wear it. You can buy the fossil watch here.


Casio Edifice is known for their super cool electronic gadgets like Calculators, Musical Instruments – Keyboards and Pianos, Label Printers and Tapes and Watches are few of them.  I really like how this watch is so manly and yet gels up with almost all of my outfits, from casual to formal. The arrow detailing in the watch dial, makes it even more edgy.  It is water resistant up to 50 meters and has a scratch resistant dial so you don’t have to worry about using through daily activities. It gives a sporty look without being plastic. It is very basic metal chain watch, yet sophisticated enough for any nice occasion. It is a classic watch that will never go out of style, but is still eye catching for a night on the town.






You can take a cue from the pictures above and style your watch with your outfits. I personally feel the style of the watch can bring out the most from any outfit. So start doing some research and find a watch that suits your style. Every hunk needs a good timepiece!

Until next time keep Stalking! 😀