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Off Lately, both of us were just talking about how cosmetics as an industry has grown into a multi-million business over the last few years, and how NYKAA has emerged into the Queen of this Empire. Yes I use the word Queen, because it cosmetics as an industry is more of a world ruled by the ladies. The men tend to take a back stage in this field perhaps. Does that turn to, that the men do not need all this stuff? Ofcourse they do!!


IMG_2375.JPGIn this fast paced life that we have these days, it is absolutely not possible for us to try the special dadi-maa ka ubtan to get rid of that sun tan, or to have a nice bath after a sweat-full day.

This Brand The Man Company is your one stop shop for all your men grooming needs. From soaps to face washes, every essential that a man can need for his body is offered by them at very reasonable prices.

IMG_2373We got our hands on this Neem and Tulsi soap from them.

We have known for years that Tulsi fights acne. Tulsi kills bacteria and infections, therefore it’s a great natural home remedy for acne and other skin irritations. Adding to this is the goodness of Neem, will help in clearing acne, scars, pigmentation and blackheads. Such problems are common men.

It is a refreshing on the skin, and after bathing with this in the morning you absolutely feel refreshed and going through the day.

Ten-Second Takeaway from Street Stalker Blog

What Is It (basically)?

A soap with the goodness of Neem & Tulsi, crafted especially for men.

Who Is It For?

If you are living on this earth, and are able to read this post, then they are for you. (Basically, all, irrespective of genders, age and social strata)

Why Should You Go For It?

Because at least there is some natural chemical free soap for men.

What Did We Like the most?

The natural fragrance of this soap, which makes us feel as if its just a neem and tulsi soap.

What Could Be Better?

They are just perfect!!

Anything Else?

There are so many options of more products available for men.

Definitely not a miss out

Grooming products especially for men. Yes, MEN. Only.

So, We’re Saying…

This soap is definitely one of the things to be checked out.

Head here to check them asap.

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