Hair Care – Product Review : Satthwa Hair Oil

Hey Guys! Wassup?

How are you guys doing? This month has been super busy, with weddings, shoots and being sick post all of that. Yeah both of us, have been sick since a while, even though its just fever and cold, but who likes being sick ūüė¶

Noooo!! We dont like being sick! But this change in weather and so much work is taking a toll on our health. But we hope to be back with a bang super soon!

logo-satthwaSo we came across this brand Satthwa famous for their beauty products. With immense success in this, they expanded and went on to give us more essential day care products, like  :

Over the past month, due to the super hectic work schedules and functions that I have been attending, my entire hair care regime almost fell flat, and so much so I could see the condition of my hair deteriorating. So we had our hands on their Premium Hair Oil. With the very first wash, I saw a remarkable improvement in the quality of my hair. I usually tend tend to loose quite a few strands of hair while washing and combing, but using this oil, I could see the change in the first few washes itself.


Over the longest time I have believed that, oiling actually helps to nourish your hair and bring back the shine in them. Searching over the internet, I have found that, different oils offer different kinds of nourishment to your hair, and every-time buying a separate essential oil, gets very problematic and you tend to avoid those things, and end up giving up on the hair care. But this oil is a blend of 9 different oils which is basically a superfood for your hair & scalp.

best-hair-oil-hair-fall-india.jpgIt contains Omega 6 & 9, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and rare Vitamin K from Sweet Almond oil. Ricinoleic acid from Castor oil which makes hair darker and stops premature greying. Has Lauric acid from Extra Virgin Coconut oil. Jojoba oil which is Anti-fungal & cleanses the scalp by unclogging pores. Vitamin E contains d-alpha Tocopherol. Amla oil which is rich in Vitamin C. Grapeseed oil which delays skin aging. Emu oil stimulates dormant hair follicles and helps in new hair growth. Extra Virgin Olive oil treats dry and damaged hair.


Ten-Second Takeaway from Street Stalker Blog

What Is It (basically)?

A hair oil which is a blend of 9 different oils in short superfood for your hair & scalp.

Who Is It For?

If you are living on this earth, and are able to read this post, then this is for you. (Basically, all, irrespective of genders, age and social strata)

Why Should You Go For It?

If you are a person, who is super careful about the hair-care regime and really believe that oiling is the best thing you can do to your hair, then this oil is just made for you. Its Non sticky and doesn’t stain the pillows; Spreads on the hair with ease; Washes off the tresses effortlessly!

What Did We Like the most?

It is very easy to carry around. Travel-friendly and comes in a small packaging.

What Could Be Better?

It is a little expensive for a new person to feel encouraged to buy,  but since even this small bottle runs for a longer than expected time, its great!

Anything Else?

Just go and buy this one asap, especially if you are concerned about the falling strands off your head.¬†ūüėõ


It is available on Satthwa, Flipkart, Amazon.

Head here to check them asap.

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Much Love.

Until next time, keep stalking!¬†ūüôā


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