Cool T-shirts Ft. PrintOctopus

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Their cute logo is also embossed on the left arm.

So we landed a collaboration with this customization brand PrintOctopus. So its like a very peppy website with a pink color painting octopus as its logo. And its reaaaaally cute. You must definitely check out their website. Why? Because man, they got the most trendiest prints available which can be printed on customized t-shirts for men and women, mobile covers/cases, posters, canvas prints, and even mouse-pads.




If you are a person who likes to use the products which wear your attitude up the sleeve, you are well familiar of brands like Chumbak or Urban Theka which have sky high prices for trendy print shirts or phone covers, then PrintOctopus is the place for you as its super affordable.


I, myself am a person who likes these kinds of clothes and products who define my style and clearly signify who am I, and trust me for this, Print Octopus has the best ever, soft stuff and quality is indeed awesome.

So their website, is very user friendly with all needed necessary links visible easily. You can either search by the trendiest prints or the best seller, or by generally searching for the category. You can find your best design and maybe even create your own very soon. Isn’t that amazing??!!!!




IMG_2138For the Payment : All options are available, and the best part is, that its not going to burn a hole in your pocket. Trust me for this guys, this will be your best buy of this season.

So we got delivered with the parcel and even the cover is so nice 😛 Its all filled with Graffiti.

P.S.: Do not forget to visit their site because awesome offers and SALE is going on!!!!!




So this is how we paired the T-Shirt :






Here are a few links that might come handy in case you too fall in love with these t-shirts:

(P.S. : These are our favorite ones)


Ten-Second Takeaway from Street Stalker Blog

What Is It (basically)?

PrintOctopus is a one-stop solution for all your customisation needs – whether you want funky stylish comfortable cotton t-shirts both men’s t-shirt and women’s t-shirt, matte finish hard phone covers for your smartphone and handsets, posters and canvas prints to brighten up your walls, or mousepads which you can proudly call your own – simply indulge yourself!

Who Is It For?

If you are living on this earth, and are able to read this post, then they are for you. (Basically, all, irrespective of genders, age and social strata)

Why Should You Go For It?

Because they sell what they say!!! We actually did a wash test on the t-shirts. Guys TRUST us the cloth is the same, no shrinking or loosing its grace. The colours are fast as well. (Especially the black one)

What Did We Like the most?

The Quality!!

What Could Be Better?

More options of self Customization, maybe.

Anything Else?

They offer Pan India Delivery, Shop Online, Cash on Delivery, PAYTM, Easy Returns (which is not needed for sure)

Definitely not a miss out

Special Signup discounts on their website.

So, We’re Saying...

This is one of the BEST sites in terms of Quality Assurance, do consider them once you plan to wear your oh-so-me swag around!

Head here to check them asap.

Do visit our Instagram Handle or you can search for the hashtag #StreetStalkerBlogXPrintOctopus. (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pikreveiw, Roposo, Wooplr)

You can buy it here.  And do leave a comment below to tell us how did you like it.

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Much Love.
Until next time, keep stalking! 🙂






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